Welcome to Naciketas Press.

Naciketas Press is a small academic press that publishes works of scholarship that are likely to be of interest to both general and scholarly audiences.  Naciketas Press focuses on scholarship and works of inquiry and non-fiction relating to areas of the world other than India.  Thus, our first Naciketas offering was Dr. Arnold Preussner's collection of essays, Replaying the Renaissance (2010).  Please visit Dr. Preussner's page to find more about his book and find out how to order a copy.

Our next offering will be Dr. Bob Mielke's Adventures in Avant-Pop.  Mielke examines the lives and musical production of seven extraordinary musicians who pushed through the boundaries of the musical practices and expectations of their times and in their own special ways transformed the world of popular music in new and exciting ways.  Adventures in Avant-Pop will be released on November 2, 2013.  Please visit Dr Mielke's page to find out more about his book and its forthcoming release.

Looking ahead, sometime in the coming spring we hope to release two books featuring the stunning photography of James Crnkovich.  One book whose title is yet to be determined will feature his pictures of Nuclear-related sites and Atomic symbols in America and the other, called Authentic Americana, will be a retrospective of some of James' finest work.  Both volumes will be introduced and commented on by his long-time friend and collaborator, Bob Mielke.

Finally, a word about the name of the press, Naciketas.  Naciketas (represented admirably above in a painting by Italian artist, Alessia Birri) in Hindu mythology was a boy who got himself into trouble by asking too many honest questions.  His story forms the narrative structure of one of the great Vedic Upanisads, the Katha Upanisad, though the story has its roots in the more ancient Rg Veda (10.135) and the Taittiriya Brahmana (3.1.8).  See the separate article on Naciketas on this site.  As an example of an inquirer whose questions at first got him into trouble, but later saved him, Naciketas seems like a fine role model for modern researchers and scholars.  Since his name also means roughly "one who does not know (na-ciketas)," he also symbolizes the proper starting place for the search for knowledge.  Only after one realizes the thinness of one's knowledge in a particular area or subject can one really begin to learn about it (Plato).

This and its sister presses are owned and operated by Neal Delmonico. Editorial work and proofreading is done by Elizabeth (Betsy) Delmonico.  Graphical design is admirably accomplished by Russell (Rusty) Nelson.  Sources of other assistance and advice include Jahnavi Delmonico, Chris Drew, Joseph Knapp, Alci Craig, Joanna Marshall, Monica Barron and other friends and members of the Friday Literary Club at the Du Kum Inn, Kirksville, MO.