Adventures in Avant-Pop


Bob Mielke

Coming out in November




In Adventures in Avant-Pop Bob Mielke explores the unusual creative geniuses of seven extraordinary musicians.  The musicians featured in the book are: Yoko Ono, Frank Zappa, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Sun Ra, James Brown, and Sigmund Snopek III.  While recognizing that many other musicians might have been included in the book, Mielke focuses on the musical creativity of these seven as in many respects emblematic of the creative work of the many others who stepped outside the expectations of their times and created new forms of expression for the musical imagination, forever transforming and enriching their field.  Dr. Mielke writes on the basis of fifty years of engagement with popular music as an avid collector and informed listener, amateur disk jockey, and performer, and all-round “walking encyclopedia” of American popular culture.  These qualities, plus years of study and
teaching literature, literary theory, and interdisciplinary humanities have resulted in an elegantly humble book, one in which each target artist gets rich and thorough treatment.

Adventures in Avant-Pop is published by Naciketas Press, Kirksville, MO, a sister press of Blazing Sapphire and Golden Antelope Presses. It will be issued as a hardbound book with dust cover and will be 550 pages long.  The retail price will be in the neighborhood of $40.