Release Weekend a Resounding Success

In spite of small turnouts because of an activity-filled weekend in Kirksville, MO, the Adventures in Avant-Pop launch weekend went well.  Sigmund Snopek III rocked the Dukum Up after the audience was warmed up by I Would Die for You, I Swear I Fucking Would and Dogbrain.  As one member of the audience noted, not only did  Snopek play a number of instruments such as the flute, trombone, alpen horn, laser harp, and so forth, he also played the audience, perhaps as his greatest instrument.  Everyone who stayed for the show had fun.  

Bob's book discussion on Friday was well attended and the local TV station, KTVO, came to the event and interviewed Bob and some of the audience members.  Follow the link above to view that.  

The Sunday events were also delightful.  Jayne Latva did an extraordinary job in interpreting Snopek's collection of pipe organ pieces called Miasma Fragments.  That too was filmed by KTVO and Snopek was interviewed after the performance.  A link to that video will be added soon.

The evening performance at Ophelia Parrish Performance Hall was a suitable conclusion to the weekend.  Sigmund was accompanied by soprano Emily Wolfersberger whose voice is truly angelic.  Snopek and Wolfersberger performed two works of poetry by Portuguese surrealist poet Fernando Pessoa for which the music was written by Snopek.  In addition, Snopek played number of solo piano pieces.  The evening ended with the performance of and audience participation in three of Snopek's "baseball cards" from his album Baseball. This performance and the pipe organ music revealed a completely different side to Snopek's creative interests and accomplishments.  

 Another interesting bit of news about the weekend is that Alex Delmonico, a film student from Denver CO, came to town to film the events and interview the musicians.  Alex is planning on creating a mini-documentary about Bob's book and Sigmund Snopek III.  We will post some of that video as soon as Alex edits it and makes it available to us.

Also, James Crnkovich and son Jimmy came to town to help Bob celebrate his release.  James is a superb photographer, a retrospective of whose work will soon be published by Naciketas press (see his page on this site).  James documented the weekend by taking lots of photographs and we will post some of those as soon as he as had a chance to sort through them and select the best of them.